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Photo Gallery - May 22nd, 2012 - Jessica Cosgrave Lifetime Achievement Awards at The Cosmopolitan Club, NY

Ginger Runes Najar and Ceil Gavin Ainsworth

Ginger R. Najar, Ceil G. Ainsworth and Andy Robertson (note: Finch Favorites cookbook!)

Dr. Jeanne Chenault Porter, Dr. Jane Ross, Dr. Laura Stober Larsen, Dr. Sara Arthur and Julia Berwick, L.C.S.W.

Jan Deknatel, Honoree Cheryl Young Deknatel, Denise Mularoni Decker, Tom Decker and Josephine Scicchitano Taglianetti

Laura Rollins Hockaday and Donna Miller Casey

President JoAnn Cricchio Kubat

Margaret Stein Nakamura, Honoree Barbara O’Hare, John O’Hare and Maria Sessa

Honoree Missy Allen and Elaine Friedman

Honoree Priscilla Cole Perkins

Honoree Missy Allen

Honoree Cheryl Young Deknatel, fmr. President

Honoree Julie Vasques Horns

Honoree Barbara O’Hare

Honoree Magda Stark Katz

Jay Abramson, Erika Katz Abramson, Honoree Magda Katz, Brent Katz and Bob Katz

Lois Moran Ziegler

Dr. Sara Arthur, Honoree Priscilla Cole Perkins, Thomas Perkins and Dorothea Coblentz

Honorees Missy Allen, Cheryl Deknatel and her daughter, Tiffany Knoop

Philip Pitney, Margaret S. Nakamura, Honoree Barbara O’Hare and Maria Sessa

Honoree Barbara O’Hare, Vilma Wiesenmaier and Maria Sessa

Melanie Jamochian Mitchell, Peggy Flaxman Millheiser, Honoree Julie Vasques Horns, Nobuko Takigawa Hoy (roommates at Finch; a mini-reunion!)

Honoree Julie Vasques Horns, John Horns, Michelle Horns McCarthy and Jaime & Jesse Mesenburg

Honoree Julie V. Horns and John Horns

Elaine Friedman, Honorees Missy Allen and Cheryl Deknatel and Sandy Rowley Colt

Honorees Priscilla Colt and Missy Allen and Sandy Rowley Colt

Honoree Missy Allen, Sally Margaret Lee, Sandy Rowley Colt and Elaine Friedman

Shea Gordon Festoff and Dr. Barry Festoff

Lois M. Ziegler, Dr. Barry Festoff, Vilma Wiesenmaier, Shea Gordon Festoff and Ron Ziegler

Thelma Wigoder Frye, Ceil Ainsworth, Marjorie Schulman and Joyce Galley

Marilyn Gelber, Phyllis Gregory Heard, and Thelma Wigoder Frye