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Photo Gallery - May 20, 2012 - Reception for Finch Grant and Finch Scholar Recipients at the Home of Lois and Ron Ziegler

lovely porcelain tankard, once sold at the Finch bookstore

Ron Ziegler, the host

Lois Moran Ziegler, hostess; Finch Foundation Trust Chairperson

Dr. Sara Arthur, Thomas Perkins, Honoree Priscilla Cole Perkins and Thelma Wigoder Ruby Frye

Dr. Tricia Lin, Danielle Jablonski, Annamaria Havillova and Dr. Cecilia Macheski

Vilma Polakova Wiesenmaier (mentor) and Annamaria Havrillova

Danielle Jablonski and Annamaria Havrillova

Shea Gordon Festoff (mentor) and Danielle Jablonski

John Horns and Honoree Julie Vasques Horns

2012 Cosgrave Honorees Barbara O’Hare and Julie Vasques Horns

Dr. Marshall W. Mount and Caroline Katz Mount

Dr. Sara Arthur, Thomas Perkins and Honoree Priscilla Cole Perkins

Danielle Jablonski and Lois Ziegler

Dr. Cecilia Macheski and Dr. Tricia Lin

Shea Gordon Festoff and Dr. Barry Festoff

Peggy Flaxman Millheiser and Honoree Julie Vasques Horns

Shea Gordon Festoff, Danielle Jablonski and Dr. Sara Arthur

Helmut and Vilma Wiesenmaier and Virginia Wattiker Sheerin

JoAnn Cricchio Kubat, President, and Lois Ziegler

Honoree Barbara O’Hare, Thelma Wigoder Ruby Frye, Virginia Wattiker Sheerin, Margaret Stein Nakamura and Vilma Wiesenmaier